The Bellmo Difference

Here's what makes Bellmo different to other stores:

1. Hand Selected Range 

Our range is hand selected and sourced from around the world by our Purchasing Team. We pride ourselves with being on-trend and stylish to differentiate us from other suppliers.

2. Unique Collections

You can browse and shop knowing our collections are unique to us and not available in retail stores and bulk outlets.

3. Quality Products

We only sell high quality products and stand behind them with our 100% money back guarantee. All products are superbly made and not cheap rip-offs.

4. Free Worldwide Delivery

We ship worldwide for no extra cost for one item to a thousand items. There's no minimum order size so put the calculator away - you don't need to work out if you're spending enough.

5. Money Back Guarantee

You receive the security and comfort of a 100% money back guarantee knowing you can safely return any items you're unhappy with. We're only happy if you're happy.   

6. No Fuss Refund Policy

Never worry about ordering the wrong cushion - we'll simply refund your item and give you 10% off your next order.